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Music + B Corps = an irresistible duo that marches to the beat of its own drum. Last Triumph is an independent record label with a certified B Corp twist. Founded by Jarod Hadaway, the team at Last Triumph consists of performing artists and music lovers determined to make positive changes in music and business. Now that’s a tune we can sing along to! Read on to find out more about Jarod and his Minneapolis, MN-based B Corp.

For the love of music: “Our mission is to support the music community with a triple bottom line business model. What motivated us to start Last Triumph was our love for real music and the opportunity to apply our knowledge in production, business and management to provide what artists need to stay creative while maintaining a healthy sustainable career.”

How B Lab allowed us to discover that we needed to become a B Corp: “We chose a B Corp for several reasons. Their support team, B Lab, provided us with outstanding support during the entire process of becoming certified. We learned priceless knowledge from B Lab that we incorporated into the structure of our business. The B Corp platform, assessment and point system is brilliantly designed unlike anything we’ve seen before. B Lab strictly verified each piece of information we submit to accumulate our B Corp score, which we thought was extremely important.”

Our biggest success moment yet: “The biggest success for Last Triumph was the shift and commitment we made in 2014 to becoming a business with social and environmental responsibilities that functions to better the world.”

The daily way Last Triumph acts to “B the Change” in business: “We put the planet and people over profits.”

If you want to form a B Corp… “Becoming a B Corp will be one of the best accomplishments you’ll ever do. It’s what every business should be. Once you fully discover and experience the benefits, you’ll never go back.”

The B Corp future impact on the world: “I see the B Corp movement becoming standard for all businesses around the world.”

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About Jarod Hadaway, Founder of Last Triumph

Jarod Hadaway is the founder of Last Triumph and a music producer.



Header Photo of LT artist, Marah in the Mainsail

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