Strong company culture is the combination of attitudes and behaviors of your employees. It has the biggest impact on the company’s success, yet it is the one often given the least attention. By investing time and energy into building a strong company culture, you’re ultimately crafting the driving force behind your company’s success. Here is what it takes to get started.


Transparency is the process of operating in a manner that makes it easy for others to see what is being done, and the actions being taken. This is established when all the metrics of the company and the business are introduced to employees. Transparency with the company gives employees a chance to know more about its mission and values, as well as the strategies that have been put in place at various levels. It also allows employees to share their ideas freely on how they want the business grow. To further build transparency, companies will organize regular meetings where employees and the management are able to come together and share ideas. Give your employees the freedom of asking questions as well as putting into consideration their comments and feedback.

Rules and Regulations

Does your company have rules and regulations that guide the employees on various issues? As a company, you must have clear guidelines on matters like dress code, language, scheduled hours, and what is expected of the employees. Some say that rules were meant to be broken, but as a company, you should never allow this. You have to set rules and make sure that they are followed by the team. As the company owner, don’t place yourself above the rules but instead encourage employees to follow your lead.


Trust is everything for the prosperity of the company. Both revenue and profitability are pegged on trust. You have to instill trust among your employees and in turn, train them to replicate the same actions to your customers. Customers don’t buy your products or your services — they buy trust. Trust can be strengthened through small but significant actions like following up with customers, honoring deadlines, and keeping commitments.

Build trust from the inside is by focusing on the bond that your employees share. This can be done by hosting events that are just for them. For example, Xyngular does this by hosting special conferences like the ones that are shown on their Flickr account that feature happy looking employees. You want your team to walk away from an event feeling closer to each other and even more connected to your brand.

Employee Welfare

Do the policies within the company put more emphasis on the welfare of the employees physically and mentally? Taking care of your employees’ welfare should be part of the company’s culture. A team whose welfare is taken care of is more motivated to work and deliver than a team that is neglected. Let your employees know that you care and they will rise above and beyond to your expectations.

Have Fun!

Amazon and Google aren’t just online giants — they each have an incredible company culture. Google is especially well-known for having a headquarters where there is a climbing wall, restaurants and even a bowling alley! Amazon’s Seattle office is also pretty cool—decorated with tons of art, restaurants, and hangout space for coworkers to mingle. As you can see, both companies are great examples of incorporating fun into the workplace. Of course, you don’t need to go to that extreme. Just emphasize positivity, creativity and fun every chance you get!

The right company culture is the invisible currency in your business that you should never take for granted. Strong company culture is a process that is nurtured and takes time to take effect, so be willing to make it an investment for your business.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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