Amavida Coffee — Fantastic B Corps

Amavida Coffee’s core has one simple guiding principle: love life. Founded by Dan and Sally Bailey, the B Corp is devoted to providing the highest quality organic and fair trade coffees in the industry. They’ll go to elaborate measures to make sure you enjoy every sip of your coffee and beyond, to maintain long-lasting relationships with better trading conditions that promote the sustainability of their customers, farmers, suppliers, employees, and environment. Read on to find out more about Dan and Sally and their Santa Rosa Beach, FL-based B Corp, as told in Dan’s words.

Amavida_Coffee_RoastersHow we got our start: “Amavida Coffee and Trading Company was founded in 2004, motivated by Dan’s experiences growing up immersed in farming communities and blended with a career in consulting and professional services. Our mission is to improve the lives of coffee producing communities across the globe.”

What we love about running a B Corp: “For me, being a B Corp gives me comfort that I’m on the right path.

Our biggest success story: “We enjoyed a successful promotion of the coffee industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

How we are able to “B The Change” with the help of coffee and tea: “We create opportunities for people to affect positive change by offering choice of coffees, tea, and sustainable products that support the people and local economies from where they came and also protect the environment.”

If you want to become a B Corp… “Adopt it early, it’s a gift. Study it and incorporate it in your business’s way of thinking.”

Business gets done differently with B Corporations: “This is just the beginning. B Corporations represent business being done different globally. It’s a shift in business ethics.”

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About Dan and Sally Bailey, Founders, Amavida Coffee

amavida_coffee_logoDan and Sally Bailey founded Amavida Coffee using their “love for life” as a guiding principle, creating a company that strives to always conduct business with a strong ethical foundation and sense of fairness. When you combine love for life with Amavida Coffee’s devotion to producing the freshest, highest quality coffee products — it’s a perfect blend! Thanks to the Bailey family, Amavida Coffee is committed to building long-lasting caring relationships with their customers, farmers, environment, suppliers, employees, and their community.