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Before Mary Stelletello launched Vista Global Coaching & Consulting, she worked in the nonprofit sector where she was dedicated to social impact and delivering extraordinary results for her clients. The call of entrepreneurship and her years of experience inspired her to start Vista Global Coaching & Consulting, where she could continue to make meaningful change alongside organizations and individuals. Read on to find out more about Mary and her Madison, WI-based B Corp.

mary_stelletello_headshotOur mission: “Vista Global Coaching & Consulting LLC partners with organizations and individuals to make meaningful change in the world. Whether you are navigating change on a personal, professional or organizational level, VGCC provides services for personal and organizational transformation. Prior to starting Vista Global, I spent my entire career working in the nonprofit sector.  When I founded the firm in 2012, I wanted to demonstrate my continued commitment to social, environmental and ethical values. Certifying as a B Corporation was a natural approach to communicate these values.”

How our B Corp pushes us to go above and beyond: “Every day with every client, I am able to align my work with my values and be recognized for that commitment through an international certification process. I also love to meet others in the B Corp community, who are also doing amazing work as a force for good.  Vista Global is now completing its 4th re-certification and each time we increase our score. It helps us continue to aspire to be the Best for the World.”

The story behind our most recent initiative, Vista Leadership Academy: “Over the past 7 years, Vista Global has supported more than 50 social sector and socially-minded business through organizational capacity building, training, leadership development and coaching.

In 2016, Vista Global launched an initiative called the Vista Leadership Academy, for community-minded leaders who are at a crossroad trying to determine what next in their career. The Academy is a 6-month program that provides virtual classes in 21st century leadership skills, a peer network, a personalized action plan and a 7-day retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico.

This initiative brings my experience and passion for being a catalyst for changemakers so that everyone who participates in the program creates their own Odyssey Plan to align their passion, talent and impact in their work.

Now more than ever, the world needs to maximize the number of changemakers who are creating a world that is more just, equitable and sustainable.

“B The Change” day by day: “Every day, we work with clients who are committed to making a difference in their community. I just connect with one of my clients and I know that I am contributing to “B-ing the Change.”

mary_stelletelloIf you want to become a B Corp… “First, as an entrepreneur you must have clarity about your passion and your core values. If your passion and values align with the B Corp movement, it is the right path to pursue and there is a global community of incredible businesses and change makers that share those values to offer you support along the journey. You can’t do this alone, the power of community, support and accountability are what make transformation happen.”

The importance of building the B Corp momentum locally: “In 2012, Vista Global became the first certified B Corp in the state of Wisconsin. After going to the 2017 Champions Retreat, I was inspired to launch the B Local Wisconsin movement and we’re really just getting started. For 3-4 years, Wisconsin only had three B Corps. Since 2016, approximately three more companies have become B Corp Certified and a few companies are ‘pending’ B Corp Certification as well. We’re really starting to build momentum locally. In November 2017, we had our first meeting to pull all of the currently Certified B Corps and ‘B Allies’ together in one room to launch B Local Wisconsin. The B Allies are non-profits that are committed to sustainable business – such as the Sustain Dane Sustainable Business Network and the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. We hope these partnerships will help accelerate the interest in companies pursuing certification. Wisconsin also just became the 34th state to pass Benefit Corporation legislation. The law took effect on February 26, 2018, which will help continue to build this momentum. I really see increased momentum in the movement, we are at the tipping point because people entering the workforce and starting companies now are driven to work for businesses that demonstrate social, environmental and economic positive impact.”

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About Mary Stelletello, Founder, Vista Global Coaching & Consulting

vista_global_logoMary Stelletello brings more than 25 years’ experience in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors to her coaching and consulting work.  As the founder of Vista Global Coaching & Consulting, Mary offers consulting services in organizational capacity building, strategy development, leadership development, governance, and  facilitation & training. Mary is a certified professional coach with the Coaches Training Institute, credentialed by the International Coach Federation and uses these skills with nonprofit executives, board leaders and management staff to strengthen their abilities and skills to guide organizations to excellence.