Which Songs Inspire You The Most? — Experts Weigh In

You’ve got the music in you! Entrepreneurs march to the beat of their own drum — or to a Spotify playlist packed with uplifting music. Our favorite songs have a way of making us feel like we can do anything. No matter what challenges or hurdles lie ahead of us, we’ll get by with a little help from bands and musicians. 72 small business experts gave us a peek into their playlist and the songs that get them motivated to go above and beyond with their startups.

1. “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” — Kelly Clarkson

There are some mornings where I just don’t want to work. This song says, “Hey! You got this.” It’s not going to kill you. It will just make me stronger. — Beth Bright, Authorized Representative, Advanced Traction Systems

2. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” — Green Day

The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is getting used to rock bottom. It’s hard because you can’t stand up and tell people you’re there. The things people take for granted are the things we look towards to keep the focus and the drive to succeed. Songs, friends, family, quotes, all these things give a moment of gratitude to where you are against how far you’ve come. This song always manages to center me and lets me focus on the core of why I am doing what I am doing, re-energizing me for my road ahead. Ryan Dempsey, CEO and Founder, The Compliance Workbook

3. “Unstoppable” — Sia

Singing repeatedly that I’m unstoppable and invincible today gives me this extra push in the morning to boost my confidence for the rest of the day. I feel very energized and motivated after listening to it to give the best of myself at work. — Bernard Sury, Business Developer and Co-Founder, GuruWalk

4. “I’m Still Standing” — Elton John

For me, this song is the perfect reminder that no matter what life throws at me I’m still standing, I’m a survivor and no matter how small the win is for the day it’s to be celebrated. — Bridget Daley, Founder, Parents in Biz

5. “‘Till I Collapse” — Eminem

This song is perfect for me when I’m feeling a little tired or worn out from the typical entrepreneurial roller coaster. The chorus is really motivating, and the instrumental gives me a shot of adrenaline. If I’m feeling anything less than 100%, the intro alone is enough to get me to say let’s crush the day. This song is a double dose of energy. It’s perfect to start the workday or re-energize as you get to the finish line.  — Sean Dudayev, Founder and Business Growth Expert, Frootful Marketing

6. “My House” — Flo Rida

It reminds me that I’m making big moves for my business and that these are MY houses and I need to ensure the product is amazing. — Rae Dolan, Owner, AMI House Buyers

7. “Happy” — Pharrell Williams

This is such an upbeat song, fun to move to, and gets me thinking about my day on a positive note. I love hearing this in my car when I am driving, and it puts me in a great mood. This makes me think about travels and what my goals are for working so hard. — Patricia Vosburgh, Licensed Realtor, NextHome

8. “Victory” — Puff Daddy and The Family, “Thunderstruck” — ACDC, “Remember the Name” — Fort Minor

1) If there was ever a song that makes you a song to make your blood pump faster it’s Victory. Rightly named, Victory is all about what you need to do to be better than everyone else. The beat seems to build in urgency making it a great song to set the tone for the rest of the day. 2) Thunderstruck never fails to put me in a good mood. Arguably the best intro to a rock song, the classic high adrenaline lyrics are sung by the screeching signature ACDC the world has come to love. By the time the song’s over, I feel like I’ve been thunderstruck full of energy and ready to get things done. 3) This song is all about doing things, not for the glory, but the grind. This level of passion is only accomplished by the dedication and knowledge of your craft, whatever it might be. Add a great track to the background and you have no excuse not to be motivated for the rest of your day. — Nate Masterson, CEO, Maple Holistics

9. “Lose Yourself” — Eminem

The beat, the ‘one shot’ lyrics, and its energy really help to get me into the right frame mind, particularly when there’s an important meeting coming up during the day. The whole essence of having one shot will be familiar to many entrepreneurs, this song provides the inspiration to seize the moment. — Charles Cridland, Co-Founder, YourParkingSpace

The words, reminding you that this is your shot, always remind me not to approach anything small. We must act like this is our only opportunity to make an impression. — Cyrus Webb, Founder and CEO, Conversations Media Group

Besides the beat, it’s a great message about having the courage to conquer your fears. If you happen to fail, go back and regroup and try it again until it’s perfect. Never give up.  —Kelly Bedrich, Co-Founder & President, ElectricityPlans.com

10. “Nonstop” — Drake

This song tells the story of the daily struggles of a CEO and makes sure the message is clear to not give up. The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.  — Dr. Jacqueline Darna, CEO and Medical Inventor, NoMo Nausea

11. “Passporte Latino Americano” — Celia Cruz

I am Cuban American, and my parents came from another country, I think of them as far as when I need to work hard and this is my favorite track to start my day. It’s about coming to America and making your dreams come true with hard work. — Jonathan Alonso, Marketing Geek, CNC Machines

12. “Runs the World (Girls)” — Beyoncé

You cannot help but be inspired when you listen to this song! Women truly run the world. As women in business, we are constantly competing with everything. We must compete with men to show that we should receive equity in pay and opportunities. We have to show that we are just as strong and intelligent. That song incorporates the strength of a woman as a mother, wife, and boss. What would the world be like without us? It wouldn’t be. Who runs the world? Girls! — Marlo Richardson, Business Entrepreneur and Executive Producer, Marlo Nicole Productions

13. “Get Off You’re A** and Jam” — Funkadelic

This track is a pure, uncut double shot of explosive audio espresso, and it instantly puts me in the mood to be the best and the funkiest bro (and business owner) that I can be! — Rafe Gomez, Co-Owner, VC Inc. Marketing

14. “Whatcha Got” — Red City Radio

The lyrics hit and inspire me right from the start, and truly just the sound of the opening guitar gets me motivated. I’ll turn the song on, and turn it up, then play the first 4 seconds over again, turn it up more, and start it over again, and do it until it’s just right, and super loud! Then, I’ll let it play through as I shout along with lead singer Garret Dale as he sings the opening line “From the tear in my shirt right down to the hole in my shoes, I’ve got nothing left to lose, I’ve got nothing left to lose.” I love that song because of the message the lyrics send, and because Dale’s deep, scruffy voice is so unique. The song starts with just that repetitive guitar and him singing, and then the rest of the band jumps in 45 seconds in and the song just explodes! So good! — Nick Glassett, Founder, Origin Leadership Group

15. “Let’s Go” — Calvin Harris feat Ne-Yo

After a short night’s sleep and busy morning with the kids, I love to listen to a variety of songs to get me pumped up to take on the day! — Tiffany Cline, Director of Marketing, WealthWise Marketing

16. “Start Me Up” — The Rolling Stones

This energizes me. I have seen them live in concert and they always put on a great show. They are still going strong decades later. They are timeless, classic, inspiring, so talented, and always seem to be having fun together. It is a great reminder of what I aspire to do. I am a huge fan and find that song motivating. It gives me a shot of adrenaline every time!  — Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder and CEO, Maven & Moguls

17. “Joy” — King & Country

Dealing with customers all day can be a bit taxing, as not all of them are very nice. Listening to this song before I set off for the day helps put me in a different perspective when the dread starts to set in. It’s both joyful and uplifting and just makes me want to dance. – Jesse Quintero, Owner and Operator, Just Right Family Café LLC

18. “Roar” — Katy Perry

This is my absolute go-to song every morning. When you work from your home, you can be as silly and loud as you want so pumping up the volume to this song gets me motivated to be an amazing force!  — Sheryl Brown, Social Media Strategist, BIONICsocial

I love the entire song, but the chorus really lift my spirits and reminds me that I can conquer whatever the day throws at me. Nothing can hold me back! — Niesha Kennedy-Robinson, Publicist, Kennedy Robinson PR

19. “Standing Outside the Fire” — Garth Brooks

It’s all about the rewards going to those who dare to try while others play it safe and just watch the action. — Michael J. Zwick, Esq., President, Assets International, LLC

20. “Emerald Rush” — Jon Hopkins

When I need to feel uplifted and ready to seize the day, I turn to artists like Jon Hopkins and his record Emerald Rush to get me in the mood and help set the rhythm. I find relaxed, yet upbeat music, without lyrics to be less distracting than the radio or listening to randomized playlists. — David Alexander, Designer/Developer/Digital Marketer, MazePress

21. “Dog Days Are Over” — Florence and the Machine

This song put me in a great mood and helps me to see that a new day is beginning. I can take this day and make it into whatever I want it to be! — Lauren Crain, Digital Marketer, HealthLabs.com

22. “Hustlin’” — Rick Ross

This rap classic embodies the hard work it takes to make any type of business happen.  — Gene Caballero, Co-Founder, GreenPal

23. “GDFR” — Flo Rida

This song is upbeat, sums up the day (“it’s going down, for real”) and has a great chorus that I can sing along to. My inner boss babe comes out when I play this song at the top of my Spotify playlist. — Stephanie Lucas, President, South Lumina Ave

24. “Counting Stars” — One Republic

It’s so upbeat that gets me motivated every time. I remember when the song was released I was going through a difficult period and I felt like it helped me rise to the challenge. — Alex R., General Manager, Team Building Hero

25. “Meraki” — Jo Blackenburg

This song is intense, has a driving beat, and without words I feel more creative listening to it. I’m an epic music guy. Throughout most of the day, I have epic music playlists running through YouTube Music. — Kyle Weckerly, Content Manager, Direct Call Solutions

26. “Fight Song” — Rachel Platten

As an independent business woman, I have a lot of weight on my shoulders, and there are mornings when I need this song to remind myself that I can get it done. I found inspiration for Fight Song at the Fairfax Out of the Darkness Walk which benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. My oldest son died by suicide in 2010, and there have been times when running my business and supporting my other children seemed overwhelming. However, this song puts my work and my life in perspective and recharges my spirit. — Gail Romansky, Realtor, Pearson Smith Reality

27. “Intro” — M83

This song has it all. A great beat, outstanding instrumentals, and an uplifting climax that remains for the last two minutes of the song. It’s my go-to song if I’m just starting work or if I’m hitting a 2:30 PM slump.  — Adam Pascarella, Founder, The Power of Bold

28. “Girl On Fire” — Alicia Keys

We are totally on fire and we remind ourselves daily! — Jacquie B., Suga Architect, Suga Babes Beauty

29. “Star67” — Drake

I really dig the overall vibe of this one, especially in the mornings. It’s a perfect blend of calm and aggressive. — Jeff Proctor, Owner, DollarSprout

30. “Nice for What” — Drake

Not only does this song speak to women, but it speaks to that woman who is living in the full presence of herself. It’s a strong song that is clearly about women empowerment. How can I go wrong listening to that? — Charisma DeZonie, Entrepreneur, The DeZonie Agency

31. “Underdog” — Eddy B & Tim Gunter

This is literally the perfect song for entrepreneurs to get them going each morning. When they consider you, the underdog, you have a lot to prove. Wake up early. Work late. Outwork your competitors. — Matt Weik, Owner, Weik Fitness, LLC

32. “Level Up” — Ciara

As soon as I heard it, I wanted to get up and dance. I listen to this song as soon as I’m booting up my computer and getting ready to work. The message is a good kick in the butt. It’s a reminder that if I stay focused and put in the work, anything is achievable. As a boss, you must level up! — Eboné F. Bell, Editor-In-Chief, Tagg Magazine

33. “All I Do is Win” — DJ Khaled

I am always winning no matter what! — Mitesh Popat, PlantOGram

34. “Tryouts” — Jerry Goldsmith

Running my own business has had lots of highs and lows. Some days, I just need an inspirational song to kick into gear. One of my go to songs is from the Rudy motion picture soundtrack. Not only does it have an inspirational chorus, but it is also coupled by a true story. You can’t help but feel you can overcome the day’s challenges. — Earl White, Co-Founder, House Heroes LLC

35. “Forever in Blue Jeans” — Neil Diamond

Mostly for the sentimental value it has, a reminder of when I used to dance with my grandmother to its peppy beat. The lyrics are also a good reminder of what’s important: “money talks but it don’t sing or dance.” — Angela Eatl, President, Haatzama Marketing

36. “Gonna Fly Now” — Bill Conti (Theme from Rocky)

This song is full of high energy and keeps me motivated. Rocky never quits. — Jess Perna, Illustrator, Jess Perna Art Studio

37. “We Are Strong” — Pitbull and Kiesza

When I need to hunker down and get things done, I need a song that has a great beat and puts me in the mood to take on the day. Pitbull is the answer and whether it’s his new collaborations or older songs, they always have that flavor that I am looking for to start the week off feeling good. — Scott Fish, Founder, 32° Digital Marketing 

38. “All Along the Watchtower” — Jimi Hendrix

It might be 50 years old, but it still sounds like it’s from the future. It’s just thrilling, otherworldly and makes me shout, ‘Hell, yes, it’s good to be alive!’ — Alistair Clay, Founder, Class:PR

39. “Cascade” — Hyper

When that beat drops, I feel like I’ve entered my own ‘80s comeback movie montage where I’m flying through my tasks and nothing can stop me. Better than a cup of coffee! — Victoria Bogner, CEO/CIO, McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners

40. “Working Class Heroes” — CeeLo Green

I love to listen to this song before sales calls and live webinars. It gets me pumped! — Sharrell Weeams, Business & Marketing Strategist/Coach, Sharell Weeams

41. “I Was Here” — Lady Antebellum

Just as each MLB baseball player has a theme song that the home stadium plays when he comes up to bat, this is my theme song. It gives me a reminder of who I am and why I am doing what I do. — Lindy Schneider, Founder and CEO, America’s College Advisor

42. “The Greatest Show” — The Greatest Showman soundtrack and “Woman” — Kesha

1) I absolutely LOVE this song when working on developing a new program or training experience for my clients/students. This one really gets the creative juices flowing. 2) As a female entrepreneur, we are often overlooked, underappreciated, and over worked. This song reminds me that women have power in all that they do. — Azizi Marshall, Founder and CEO, Center for Creative Arts Therapy

43. “The Beginning” — Factor Eight

I love the violins in this piece. They’re soothing, calming, and focused. It’s a great track when you need to focus and bring in a bit of creativity to Monday’s work day. — Michelle Tverberg, Co-Founder, TCWEP Networking Group

44. “Lovely Day” — Bill Withers

This is a light and nice song, not too heavy for morning listening. The lyrics about it being a lovely day put you in the right mood and set your day on the right pace. — Cornelius Charles, Co-Owner, Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC

I have my Sonos throughout my apartment synced with my alarm, so it plays throughout my place every morning. It’s a great song to wake up to melodically and it’s a mini pep talk all in one! — Erica Wasser, Founder & CEO, GLAM+GO

45. “Firework” — Katy Perry

This is such an uplifting song for me and my friends! — Arpitha Sylvester, Owner, Just Arpi Design Agency

46. “It’s My Life” — Bon Jovi

This track is loud, authoritative, and energetic. It’s exactly the sort of adrenaline boost that can kickstart a week and give me the motivation I need to meet personal and company goals. — Harrison Doan, Director of Analytics, Loom & Leaf

47. “Bang My Head” and “The Greatest” — Sia

I listen to these songs as loud as I can. (Luckily, I live on a farm so only the chickens complain!) Sometimes I hit repeat and sing them until they seep into my soul and I believe the words I’m singing. I love that I can choose to face any challenge, overcome any feeling, and #ladyboss every day. — Amber Malcom, CEO, Shabby Chick

48. “Best Part” — Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R., “Do It Now” — Mos Def feat. Busta Rhymes, and “Fear” —Jazmine Sullivan

1) What I like about this song is that it’s raw and emotional. Love songs like this really spark creativity in me and helps me to brainstorm new ideas. 2) There’s no way I can sit still when this song is on. The beat is addictive, it’s an anthem, and motivates me to move. 3) This is another one of my jams because the song talks about all the crazy fears that people tend to have. It’s freeing to know that everybody has fears, even people that inspire me. All of us must overcome our fears to move on to success. — Candice Straughter, Owner and Digital Content Creator, Naturally Stellar

49. “9 to 5” — Dolly Parton

It reminds me that business is a rich man’s game, no matter what they call it, and you spend your life putting money in his wallet. The only way out is to band together with good people, take charge, and make change. It’s a fun song that hypes me up! — Libby Horacek, Software Developer, Position Development

50. “Like I Do” — David Guetta, Martin Garrix & Brooks

I listen to all kinds of music, but when it comes to starting the workday, it’s always EDM. I’m a high energy person, and I like to bring positivity energy to the work environment. EDM is intense, but it’s also repetitive, so it doesn’t get too distracting. I can put on a playlist and I don’t have to worry about changing songs. There are few lyrics, so it’s always office-friendly material. That’s my morning pick-me-up. — Jerry Haffey Jr., President of Business Development, Ambrosia Treatment Center

51. “Ordinary Life” — The Weeknd, “Pray for Me” — The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar, and “Touch the Sky” — Kanye West

1) Entrepreneurship is an unorthodox path. We’ve left steady paychecks and poured our savings into chasing a dream. Entrepreneurs don’t live ordinary lives. 2) This song gets you pumped to go to battle. A challenge stands in your way? No problem. 3) I have big dreams and high expectations. It’s worth taking the risk of burning up to chase what I believe. I want to go as high as life will take me. — Jason Patel, Founder, Transizion

52. “You Don’t Me” — Jack Jones & Raye

The path of an entrepreneur is not an easy one. It takes grit. It’s about knowing who you are and what you must do to achieve your goals. It’s about knowing who is on the ride with you and supporting you. The song is sassy and upbeat. Convertible top down, volume high, belting out the lyrics. I’m ready for the day! — Jill Stanley, Esq. Founder, ProofwithJillStanley

53. “Eye of the Tiger” — Survivor

The strong beat makes me want to tackle the day like a tiger tackles its prey. During the song, I imagine myself as a character in a movie and all the challenges of business ownership condense in 4 minutes 10 seconds after which I come away victorious. — Joan Cinquegrani, Owner and Lead Consultant, Five Grain Events

54. “It’s Time to Party” — Andrew W.K. or any song by Hammock

We played the song to kick off our wedding reception and it’s still the best auditory motivation I have come across. When I’m working on technical tasks, music with words distract me, so Hammock is the band I put on to keep myself focused, motivated and inspired. — Nate Allen, Co-Owner and Office Manager, Tessa Tax & High Endurance Records

55. “Glorious” — Macklemore, “Hall of Fame” — The Script feat. Will.I.Am., and “Tiptoe” — Imagine Dragons

1) I listen to this one almost every single morning, whether it’s on my commute or when I first get into the office. It reminds me that every day is a new chance to do something great. The music is upbeat, which helps get me going in the morning. The lyrics are uplifting and motivating, which makes me feel like I can take on the day… and the world! 2) I love this song because it reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to. I can be successful if I work hard and dedicate myself. It inspires me to keep trying and grinding, even when the going gets tough, because someday it will pay off! 3) I like to listen to this song whenever I’m feeling disregarded or underestimated. It reminds me that even if others don’t recognize me or what I can do yet, if I put my head down and work rather than getting discouraged and giving up, one day I’m going to catch them off guard when they see me at the top. — Sarah Hancock, Content Marketing Manager, BestCompany.com

56. Any song by The Beatles

I like to put on anything from The Beatles, such as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, as this was one of the most innovative albums of all time. I particularly like “Within You Without You” by George Harrison. I find that this more spiritual tune helps to uplift me, while making me think about life, and about our society. It influences my own creativity. Another favorite is “I Am The Walrus.” The remarkable feel of it, as well as the lyrics and strangeness, is incredible.  Even though these songs were in their heyday a long time ago, they still sound fresh, and are always very positive and uplifting. — Rhonda Rees, Owner, Rhonda Rees Public Relations Company

57. “Beam” — Petit Biscuit

During busy days when my to-do list seems never ending, music without words is especially comforting. Much like my brain works on overdrive with a thousand thoughts, that’s what this artist seems to do. Smaller little songs within the one main song. It’s feel-good music. The upbeat tempo keeps me in a positive and motivated mood through my work day. — Bryn Butolph, CEO and Co-Founder, Eat Clean Meal Prep

58. “Get Better” — Frank Turner

As entrepreneurs, we need to constantly push ourselves to learn, grow, and get better. Growing a business involves endless ups and downs, so I crank this song when I need a reminder. — Jon Nastor, Founder, Hack the Entrepreneur

59. “Behind the Lines” — Genesis

The 2+ minute instrumental introduction to this 5.5-minute cult classic is so powerful it’s like hearing a movie soundtrack. You can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. The driving force of this music gets me inspired and motivated for whatever the task is at hand. I often listen to this right before a media interview or important business call. The rest of the song when Phil comes in singing is more meaning full to me because of the lyrics. It’s almost like a whole other song. — Vincent James, Co-Founder, KeepMusicAlive.org

60. “No Tears Left to Cry” — Ariana Grande

My favorite song happens to change a lot, but I’m loving this one since it has an irresistible beat that is fun and energizing to run to. It also has a positive message that can be applied to almost any negative life situation, especially relatable to many entrepreneurs. — Stacy Caprio, Founder, StacyCaprio.com

61. “Energy,” “All Me,” and “Started from the Bottom” — Drake

He makes the best hustle music; the lyrics say it all. — Andrea Spirov, CEO and Founder, B.O.S.S. Food Co.

62. “Don’t Stop Believing” — Journey

My niece sent me this song one day and I’ve never stopped listening to it. It motivates me so much and inspires me to keep pushing for the stars. Entrepreneurship has not always been an easy ride, but this song helps me remember what motivated me to start my company. — Zondra Wilson, Founder, Blu Skin Care, LLC

63. Any track from Eminem’s Kamikaze album or “Ambition” — Wale

1) This album really helps get me fired up and ready to take on the week. 2) This song gets me centered, focused, and ready to work. — Jamie Campbell, Travel Blogger and Freelance Writer, Gaijin Crew

64. “Hall of Fame” — The Script or “Remember the Name” — Fort Minor feat. Mike Shinoda

1) This song taught me that adversities in life come to test your mettle and whether you surrender or not is a matter of choice. The piano in the beginning gives me goosebumps. The lyrics coupled with the beats in the background pumps up my lost motivation. Even though the entire song is captivating, I love this one line that says, “You can be the greatest, you can be the best, you can be the King Kong banging on your chest.” 2) This song provides an instant adrenaline rush to revive the lost spirits in a couple of seconds. The lyrics outlines the various components of success and reminds me that every lofty goal we pursue in life comes with a price. It’s much like a reminder that everyone wants the prize, but nobody wants to pay the price. The strength and confidence that reflects in both Fort Minor’s and Mike Shinoda’s is a good enough recipe for me to kickstart my workday with enough perseverance. — Ketan Kapoor, CEO and Co-Founder, Mettl

65. “La Leyenda del Tiempo” — Camaron de la Isla

This is what really gets me revved up. This song is what is called a buleria. The lyrics talk about a dream. It’s a fast-moving song that energizes me and puts me on the move. — Wences Garcia, CEO, MarketGoo

66. “Livin’ On A Prayer” — Bon Jovi

It keeps me sane and grounded when I become a little impatient. — Tim Absalikov, Co-Founder and CEO, Lasting Trend

67. “Beautiful Day” — U2

It’s an incredibly uplifting and high energy song that inspires me to keep a positive mindset as I work. I’m always reminded of how grateful I am to do work I love and provide a service that hopefully helps brighten other people’s days as well. — Paul Koegel, CTO, Juicer

68. “Immaterial” — Sophie

For one, the song is a rather catchy and can help me zone into my workday. But, the song itself is a motivator for almost anything, work related or not. The lyrics “I could be anything. Anyhow, any place, anywhere, anyone” gives myself the confidence to be able to conquer any campaign or task. — Levi Olmstead, Manager, Community Outreach and SEO, G2 Crowd

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