Compliance Check: Keep Your Business In Good Standing

Is your business in compliance? Find out if your business is in good standing with our new compliance check.

Do you know if your business is currently compliant with state laws? You don’t need to guess with the help of our new business compliance check service.

What Is Business Compliance?

Business compliance refers to how well businesses follow the federal, state, and local requirements that govern it. Every state has its own rules and regulations for businesses to follow. When a business follows these rules and regulations, it is able to stay compliant and in good standing.

And, just in case you are not familiar with the term good standing, this means the business has met its annual state filings and requirements. In the eyes of the state, it is now fully active and compliant. This is why a business compliance check is necessary.

How Does Our Business Compliance Check Work?

Need help figuring out if your business is in compliance? For only $29, here’s what our experienced specialists do to make sure your business is in good standing with the state.

  • We check your business status with the state.
  • Is a filing deadline coming up you need to know about or may have missed? We research and advise you on what is required.
  • Has your business fallen out of good standing? We provide you with the information in our compliance check to get you back in compliance.
  • Is your business inactive? We will dissolve it to ensure you avoid business penalties.

Why Does My Business Need To Be Compliant?

Entrepreneurs may not realize how much risk businesses are in that are not in compliance at the state or local levels. Here’s why it’s so important to stay in good standing with a compliance check.

  • Compliance allows you to maintain liability protection gained from incorporating the company.
  • With a compliance check, the state has the correct information about the business and its operations. This allows you to maintain transparency and demonstrate integrity as an entrepreneur.
  • Staying compliant ensures you have met your ongoing requirements. If you fall out of good standing, the state may impose fees, fines, and other penalties against the business.
  • Your business may be dissolved by the state completely if your business remains in bad standing long enough.

Ready For Your Compliance Check?

As your business grows and changes over time, your compliance needs may also shift too.

Do not put yourself at risk guessing whether or not your business is in good standing! Let our experienced professionals do the research for you with your compliance check. We may assist you with the details of these laws, no matter what industry your business is in, where it is formed, or its type of business structure.

Check your business and get started today for only $29!