Entrepreneur Traits Explained in Minion Gifs

Out of all the entrepreneur traits or characteristics business owners possess, which ones are the best? Could it be their value of company culture, strong work ethic, competitiveness, or creativity? After watching the “Despicable Me” franchise movies — produced by Illumination Entertainment for Universal Pictures — we noticed a few scenes that showcased relatable entrepreneur traits. Of all the successful traits I saw throughout the movie, I thought these three should be prioritized.

Entrepreneur Trait #1: Passion

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As an entrepreneur, you’ll push yourself to exhaustion, invest time, and money to launch and maintain your business. Now let’s be real. No one would put that much energy into something they didn’t care about. This is why passion is an essential entrepreneur trait for every business owner to have. But don’t be fooled, passion does not equal profit.

No matter how passionate you are, your business could still fail for a variety of reasons. It could close because of a lack of capital, focus, bad location, and even poor management.

The role that this entrepreneur trait plays in your business’ success is that it helps business owners go the extra mile, improve, work harder and tackle problems with everything they’ve got.

If passion is not one of your entrepreneur traits, then your business may suffer in the end. Do something you’re passionate about, but make sure your business stays afloat.

Entrepreneur Trait #2: Always Be Appreciative

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One underestimated and overlooked entrepreneur trait is appreciation. According to a study by Psychology Today, part of the reason people don’t show gratitude is that they assume it’s already known, are uncomfortable with expressing their thanks, and underestimate the positive impact. As a leader, it’s part of your job to show your team you value them.

Don’t forget, your team works hard, not for a paycheck, but because they love and care for your business. They’re the foundation of your business and an amazing team isn’t always a given. Showing appreciation for your team is a vital entrepreneur trait because it not only makes your employees feel good, but it strengthens their bond and relationship with you and the business.

Here are a few tips on how to show appreciation:

  1. Say thank you: Thank your employees either in person, by email, or a written thank you note. Letting them know how much you value them is a simple gesture that goes a long way.
  2. Give them a raise: If you’re not paying your employees their worth, they know it and so do you. Give them a raise and show them you recognize their hard work.
  3. Cater lunch: Food is known to have mystical powers that bring smiles and people together. Reward your team with an amazingly delicious luncheon. They’ll feel valued, loved and full all at the same time. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Entrepreneur Trait #3: Love Learning

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Lastly, entrepreneurs must love learning. This is one of the most important entrepreneur traits because if you want to be successful, grow, and develop into an excellent business owner, you can’t be unwilling to learn. There is always a learning opportunity around every corner. Whether it be online studying, informal/formal meetings, or networking events, you can always turn anything into a learning lesson.

A huge part of learning is admitting to yourself that you don’t know everything. Once you admit this, you can open yourself to seeking knowledge and information from those who’ve been in your shoes and succeeded.