No College No Problem Series Premiere

Does a college degree lead to an entrepreneurs’ success? Why should or shouldn’t small business owners go to college? What are the benefits and/or disadvantages of college for business owners? These are a few questions we’ll be answering on our first YouTube and IGTV series, “No College No Problem.”

We’re kicking off the series with seven inspiring owners from across the globe. You can expect to receive answers from astounding business owners such as Julia Rock, Jeff Rizzo, Meg Raiano, Nicholas G. Muscat,
Melis Sawerschel, Vernetta R. Freeney, and Ryan Knoll. Also, along with their answers, viewers can expect to learn about these business owners professional experience, entrepreneurial advice, and journeys into entrepreneurship.

So, what is “No College No Problem?”

“No College No Problem” is a series that informs and inspires people who believe they cannot become successful in entrepreneurship without a college degree.

What inspired us to create “No College No Problem?”

We were inspired to create No College No Problem after reading a survey by CNBC that showed only 26% of small business owners had a college degree and 18% had a postgraduate degree. As a result, this leads us to question why more business owners weren’t getting college degrees? To find our answers, we thought it would be best to talk to the sources ourselves!

And thus, our hunt began! Over a series of months, we collected many business owner opinions on whether a college degree could help entrepreneurs be successful.  We also gathered more opinions from college students and Facebook entrepreneur groups.

Until now, there’s never been a platform where the floor has been opened for discussion.

Where/when to watch “No College No Problem”

The first episode airs on YouTube and IGTV on Thursday, April 4 at 12 p.m. Tune in every other Thursday to keep up with these amazing stories and informational opinions.

Publishing Dates for “No College No Problem”

NCNP Episode 1- April 4: Julia Rock, owner of Rock Career Development — a career services firm based in Houston, TX that helps clients on the job search and career enhancement needs.

NCNP Episode 2- April 18th: Jeff Rizzo, owner of RIZKNOWS — a venture-backed digital media company based in Reno, Nevada and a consumer product deals and reviews website as well as several popular social media accounts. They focus on sports, fitness, outdoor, home goods, and tech. Rizzo also owns The Slumber Yard — a mattress, pillow product review, and deals website.

NCNP Episode 3- May 2nd: Meg Raiano, owner of ReCreative Agency — an organization that creates websites and marketing plans for small businesses throughout Northwestern Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. ReCreative Agency is based in Winsted, Connecticut.

NCNP Episode 4- May 16th: Nicholas G. Muscat, owner of AussieMoneyMan — a website that offers advice on ways people in Australia can make, save and invest money.

NCNP Episode 5- May 30th: Melis Sawerschel, owner of She Is Rebel — a Zürich-based online fashion brand offering feminine clothes in a sustainable way and cultural inspirations about style, self-empowerment, and powerful women’s lifestyle.

NCNP Episode 6- June 13th: Vernetta R. Freeney, owner of Vernetta R. Freeney Blog. Located in Houston, Texas, Vernetta manages her blog by sharing experiences as a paid-event marketer, event producer, community builder, speaker, and podcaster.

NCNP Episode 7- June 27th: Ryan Knoll, owner of Tidy Casa, a cleaning service headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

All “No College No Problem” episodes will be live on YouTube and IGTV at 12 PM on the scheduled publishing date.