7 Industries Thriving During COVID-19

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has positively impacted several industries. Many businesses are currently experiencing a sales boom for their products and offerings. Some of these industries have also been able to successfully pivot their offerings. These businesses are not simply surviving. They are thriving during an unprecedented time.

Which industries are thriving during COVID-19? Here’s a look at some businesses currently experiencing great growth in sales and revenue.

Exercise and Fitness Equipment

We may be working from home, but our bodies still need to get up and move. However, every person’s work from home situation is different. Many individuals do not have access to parks, backyards, or trails they may walk or hike outside. And it is still unclear as to when it will be safe to fully reopen public gyms and fitness centers across the United States.

This is where exercise and fitness equipment play a major role in our health — and homes. Amazon reports their best-selling workout gear includes yoga mats and resistance bands. These items are perfect to pair with a YouTube tutorial for an in-home yoga class or exercise routine.

Other popular exercise equipment includes AI exercise machines, like Peloton bikes, and Mirror home fitness systems. A monthly paid subscription service allows those working out to receive instructions and classes from expert trainers.

For those that are able to get outside and enjoy the summer weather, rollerblades and bicycles are selling out by the month. Cycling storefronts, including BikeFactory Hawaii, have also been deemed essential services. These shops remain open with curbside pickup and repair services ready for bikers.

Liquor Stores

It’s always five o’clock somewhere! Alcohol purchases are on the rise across the country at liquor and wine stores. Many bars are struggling to fully reopen due to the pandemic. However, liquor stores provide much more than libations. They also sell drink ingredients like bitters, cherries, and tonic water. This allows customers to safely make a cocktail and channel their inner mixologist at home.

Delivery Services

Raise your hand if you are using delivery apps like DoorDash, Instacart, or Postmates. Many individuals are using these delivery services to have groceries and food ordered from restaurants delivered straight to their homes.

Small businesses, like local grocers and restaurants, are also utilizing delivery services. While it might be some time before restaurants reopen to dine in, businesses are encouraging customers to keep shopping and supporting their establishments with take-out.

In addition to delivery apps, many restaurants are increasing contactless delivery and curbside pickup. Customers may place their order, drive to the storefront’s location, and pick it up knowing that their order has been prepared following COVID-19 safety guidelines.


Makers and crafters across the world are enjoying a surge in online eCommerce sales.

From making masks and selling them in an Etsy shop to ordering books from an independent bookseller, eCommerce allows customers to support local businesses. They may order necessary PPE and hand sanitizer in addition to items that allow for pursing new hobbies like sewing supplies and gardening equipment.

Remote Work Software

 If you’re working from home, chances are you’re likely taking Zoom videoconference calls and chatting with colleagues on Slack. Remote work software has made it possible for remote workers to work from home. While we may not know when we’ll be able to return to our traditional offices, remote work software allows workers to be productive and stay connected with their teams during the work day.

Gardening and Landscaping

Spending so much time at home has allowed homeowners to embrace their green thumbs. Many have bought supplies that allow them to start a garden from home, including seeds for vegetables and flowers.

Others are using this time to landscape. Whether you decide to mow the front yard on your own or hire a landscaping specialist to assist with cleaning out gutters, landscaping is on the rise to ensure residential and commercial properties alike look their very best.

Bread and Baking

Did you start your first sourdough starter during the pandemic? You are not alone. Many individuals have used lockdowns to channel their inner bakers with home baking on the rise. Baking offers comfort — and the ability to make delicious treats like banana bread and cookies everyone is sure to love. Watch a video on YouTube or follow a baking blog to learn how to bake some of your family’s best recipes or try a new one from scratch!

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