Which MyCorporation Offerings Do Customers Love?

What are some of our most popular offerings?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, MyCorporation is sharing a sampling of services our customers love. From familiar favorites like tax IDs to new editions like our online eNotary, here are the offerings that customers love most from MyCorporation. Plus, check out the most popular offerings from our friends at FreeLogoServices!

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

One of the most popular entity formations is also one of our top-selling offerings!

A limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure. It is flexible for its members. An LLC provides small businesses with limited liability. This is a type of protection that creates a separation between professional and personal assets. Separating the two ensures that in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, the personal belongings of the owner (like houses and cars) will not be impacted.

LLCs also have a pass-through entity status. The profits of the business “pass-through” to its members, or owners. The members report profits and losses on their individual tax returns. These profits and losses may be deducted on personal tax returns. This offsets other income. An LLC is taxed as a partnership on the federal level. However, entrepreneurs may elect to be taxed as a different entity. Some formations an LLC may elect include an S Corporation, C Corporation, and corporation.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

An employer identification number (EIN) is also known as a tax ID. This is a nine-digit number. The IRS issues it out to businesses once they incorporate or form an LLC. It tracks the financial activities of the business. An EIN may also legally identify a small business. Entrepreneurs often choose to use an EIN over a social security number (SSN) when filing business paperwork.

Where else can you use an EIN? This tax ID allows you to open a business bank account. You may also establish business credit with an EIN. Planning to hire? An EIN is required for hiring employees. You will also need this tax ID to establish pension, profit sharing, and/or retirement plans. (Pro tip! Use the coupon code FREEEIN to receive a free EIN filing!)

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

Another popular offering we provide customers starting businesses is state unemployment insurance, or SUI.

This is an employer-funded tax. It allows small businesses to hire employees. Do you plan to hire an employee who makes more than $300 in wages? You must file for SUI. This holds your business responsible for paying unemployment taxes on the wages of new hires in its state of formation. SUI also provides employees with financial benefits if they become unemployed through no fault of their own.


This is a service we started offering in 2020 and it is quickly becoming a popular offering! Our online eNotary service makes it easy to notarize important documents from home.  

First, upload your documents on our platform. We accept over 200 document formats for notarizing documents. Then, connect with an online notary agent. You may eSign your documents in real time. Remember to have a valid proof of ID on hand. Finally, receive your documents. Your notarized documents will arrive via email from your notary agent after they are notarized.

Annual Reports

Did your business make any changes this year? Document changes by filing an annual report.

Filing an annual report provides the state with up-to-date information about a business. This includes business activities, the business street address, and registered agent information. Filing an annual report keeps your business in compliance with the state, too!

This offering is only five dollars! Discover if your business name is available for registration. Conduct a business name search. For just $5, you can check your name availability. Is the business name available? If so, file a trademark application to register the name with our team!

Corporate Minutes and Bylaws

Did you incorporate as a corporation? You will need to keep up to date corporate minutes and bylaws.

Corporate minutes are meticulous notes. These are taken during the corporation’s meetings. Bylaws are documents that specify the internal management structure of a corporation. Stay on top of important details that contribute to your success in business. Order minutes and bylaws to keep your business in good standing.

Business Cards

These are a staple for anyone who is networking or building a business! Business cards are also a popular product from our friends at FreeLogoServices. Make your business cards with their easy-to-use business card maker.


Branded stickers can be a walking billboard for your brand. Stickers act as representations of your startup’s promise to deliver a fantastic customer service experience. Design your own custom stickers with FreeLogoServices and order personalized stickers.

Custom Masks

Amid COVID-19, businesses can still advertise their offerings and services with logos featured on face masks. Create custom antimicrobial masks now with FreeLogoServices.

Place an order for one of your favorite offerings with us today! Visit us at mycorporation.com or call us at 877-692-6772.