How To Create a Fantastic Company Culture

Creating a fantastic company culture will vary a little bit for every business. To determine what a great company culture looks like; entrepreneurs need to answer these questions.

  • What motivates your team?
  • How do you inspire leadership?
  • Are you available?
  • What’s your communication style?
  • Do you encourage feedback?

Here’s how the answers to these questions aids to creating a strong company culture.

1. What Motivates Your Team?

When we know what motivates our team, we are better able to create benefits and perks which tap into an employee’s needs.

Ask your team what motivates them. Some team members, for example, may express a desire for mental healthcare options as part of a benefits package. Others may continue to seek opportunities for growth in the company or would like to keep some of the flexibility found in remote work. The answers will not be the same across the board. Ask before you make any decisions. This will help create a happy, healthy environment and company culture.

2. How Do You Inspire Leadership?

Getting members of your team to act as leaders is not about picking “favorites.” Nor should anyone assume all individuals in senior roles want to lead.

Focus on how you can inspire others to lead. How can they feel encouraged to take the lead. Many individuals thrive and step up when they are invested in the business and feel trusted in their respective roles. Take a moment to seek out leaders in areas which allow you to step away and give them the chance to flourish.

3. Are You Available?

There is one thing leaders have in common. We are all part of this present moment. We’re here and we’re available for our teams.

What helps create a fantastic company culture is accessibility. If leaders are available and present at work, it shows the team they care. They are actively contributing to the overall success of the company. Use this time to listen to employees and learn from what they have to say and share.

4. What’s Your Communication Style?

However you communicate with a business, communicate openly.

Transparency in the workplace is critical for building a strong company culture. It helps to create a strong employee culture where team members are dedicated and aware of the opportunities ahead.

5. Do You Encourage Feedback?

Teams want to feel not only like they are making a difference. They want their voices to be heard by leadership. Every employee is influential. Each have their own thoughts and ideas they like to bring to the table.

The best way to start this kind of conversation is by welcoming feedback.

Keep an open mind. Get ready to listen up. Be willing to accept feedback — both on yourself and the business. You’ll quickly find others will accept the same.  

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