How Do I Change My Business Address?

Did you recently change your business address? If you said yes, you need to make sure a few key contacts are aware of the change in your business address.

Who should you notify about a change to your business address? How can you start making the changes as soon as today? Follow this guide to ensure you notify the proper parties.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

You will need to notify the IRS about your business address change. The IRS recommends filing Form 8822-B. This form is for change of address or responsible party.

This form is used to notify the IRS if your business mailing address or business location changes. All entities with an employer identification number (EIN) on file may use Form 8822-B. Depending on where your previous business address is located, you may mail this form to the appropriate address provided on the document.

Update Organization Documents

Take a moment to review your entity formation. If you have incorporated as a corporation, for example, you need to update your articles of incorporation. Businesses which are LLCs will need to update their articles of organization.

Secretary of State

Check in with your local Secretary of State. They may require you make additional business address changes, such as with state licenses, and pay a fee. Or they may require your business to file articles of amendment.

Do you have local licenses or permits? Reach out to the local city or county where you have these licenses or permits to update your business address.

Should the state tax agency know about your new business address? Yes! Make sure they have the new address on file.

Additionally, ask yourself if your business does business in any other states. If you conduct business in multiple states, you will need to reach out to their Secretary of State and notify them of your business address change.

Vendors and Suppliers

Does your small business have an account with a vendor or supplier? If yes, they will need to be notified about your business address change.

Certain vendors or suppliers, like WiFi and utility companies, must be notified about the change in business address. This ensures they shut off services at your former business location and transfer these services to the new location.

Financial Institutions

Your new business address must be updated on bank accounts, investment accounts, and merchant accounts. Any bank, lender, or financial institution you work alongside must be notified about your company’s new physical address.

Insurance Carriers

If you have an insurance policy, you must update the company about your new business address. This ensures you receive similar insurance coverage at your new location.

Website, Online Listings, and Social Media

Make sure your customers know you’re moving! Update your new business address on your company website. If your business has online listings, such as on sites like Yelp, make sure to update these listings. Those with social media profiles should update these as well.

Some businesses may email their customer or client base with a special newsletter. This newsletter announces their move and shares a few details about why the business is moving and where it’s heading next. This helps keep everyone up to date on where the business is moving and makes sure everyone knows where to find it.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

Finally, don’t forget to notify the USPS about your change in business address! This ensures the USPS will forward any mail you might receive at your previous address to your new location.

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