The new-and-improved MyCorporation Affiliate Program continues to set the bar in its industry by focusing on building great relationships with its existing base while enlarging it with quality new affiliates.

In February 2008, MyCorporation relaunched its Affiliate Program which had been in existence since the company’s 1998 inception.  The initial goal was to reach out to the near 2000 existing affiliates, many of whom have been with MyCorporation for half a decade. 

A two-part strategy was used to accomplish the goal.  The first part being to inform and/or remind them of MyCorporation’s status as an Intuit Company alongside the likes of TurboTax, QuickBooks, Quicken, and Homestead, to name a few.

In late 2005 Intuit acquired MyCorporation, which was already second in the industry behind the competitor-whose-name-shall-not-be-repeated.   By the end of 2007, which was also to be the second full fiscal year with Intuit, MyCorp began to become fully integrated with Intuit’s other business units.

Just two months ago MyCorp Affiliates hooked up with leaders from all of Intuit’s Companies including the aforementioned four, sharing business practices and visions for a future community of Intuit Affiliate Programs.  Suffice it to say, this is a significant win for MyCorporation and Intuit as a whole; though we feel it is clear who will be the biggest winner down the road:  MyCorporation‘s existing affiliates.

The second part of the re-launch strategy was to shower the affiliates with gifts and cash.

Affiliate gifts given out have included QuickBooks software – the SimpleStart Program and Credit Card Processing Kit, Starbuck’s gift cards, authentic MyCorporation Affiliate Program pens, and even candy and flowers to some.  Heck we even hand-signed all of the welcome letters, risking carpal tunnel and arthritis for our affiliates.

The cash has been shared through contests and coupons.  The Spring Affiliate Contest was a great success, awarding more than $2,000 in cash prizes to the top five revenue generators during a four-week span.  In addition, each of the top five also received a free incorporation service.  As to the coupons, ongoing promotions for our affiliates have shown coupons ranging in discounts from $25.00 all the way to $149.00.

The results to this strategy have been an obvious success.  Monthly revenue records have been broken with the surface having barely been scratched.  Other contests are in the work with higher payouts, and the coupons will keep rolling out.

During this presidential election year, you will no doubt hear the punditocracy odiously simplify the important campaign issues with the hackneyed phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  Well MyCorporation’s inner-office catchphrase has always been, “It’s the customers.”  We’re not quite as condescending as pundits so we leave out ‘stupid.’

As customers drive our focus and energy, it’s the repeat customers – affiliates – who garner our utmost respect.

Feel free to call our Affiliates Department at 888-692-9566 or email us at  See if you qualify to become an affiliate free-of-charge without any obligation.  Furthermore, we are offering an initial revenue share payout at 15%.  The train is filling up and picking up steam, and with a bright future laden with rich business relationships with other Intuit Companies and thus customer bases, now is the time to catch it.