You just formed an LLC or a Corporation. Now what? The key for small business owners is first to accumulate clients, and second to keep them coming back. Customer loyalty is crucial to the success of any business, but especially to small businesses. Here are four simple ways to keep your customers coming back.

1. Don’t wait for Complaints
Use a personal touch from the very beginning. A happy cared-for customer is a repeat customer. In the high-tech e-mail dominated business industry, human kindness goes a long way. Honest interest in your customer is very important. Do not wait for complaints to ask for feedback or express interest in customers. Being proactive and positive in the beginning will help your business avoid negativity later.

2. Personalize the Connection
Consider the phrase, “to each their own.” Keep this phrase in mind when dealing with customers. Each person’s needs and questions are unique and should be addressed as such. Make your customers feel important by devoting all of your attention and effort to their needs whether you are with them in person or on the phone. No one wants to feel like one of many, or worse that their interaction with you is a chore. In addition, find ways to celebrate your customers’ success. Publicizing their successes in your company newsletter or through your own social media outlets will show that you really do care.

3. Pay Attention
Although it sounds simple, it can make or break the relationship with your customers. Incorrect orders, lost information and misunderstandings can destroy your consumers’ confidence in your business. Stay alert to potential problems and ask for feedback. Combating issues as they arise will not only build the reputation of your business, but will also create trust between you and your customers.

4. Let them in
Share information and details about your business to your customers. Include interesting and fun facts and stories about your company and its employees in your newsletters. Let your customer know that your business is composed of people, not just parts. In addition, ask their opinion about your website, your products, or even your customer service. Letting your customers in will help build both customer loyalty and your brand.

Customer loyalty is one of the tools needed to ensure a successful business. Read about other tools necessary to build your business from our CEO, Deborah Sweeney.