Putting together a website for a newly formed small business presents a multitude of angles to examine it from. You want the site to show off your new service or product for sale without being in your face about it (i.e. pop-up ads) but still the main focal point of the site. You strive for a professional design and user-friendly readable content. You’re aiming for a site that is fresh and fun, unlike the typical cookie cutter sites you’ve been to in the past. It’s easy to create these sites and focus on your service, but there are 5 pages that definite musts to include on any successful new (or existing, it’s never too late to revamp a site!) website.

1) About Us

It couldn’t be more simply put. About Us is where you’ll find the story behind the background of the company and its roots. It’s also where you will find information on the members within a business. We’re currently in the process of creating a remodeled About Us page with photos of our team members. Placing photos of those who work within a company is a great way to give visitors a “behind the scenes” look into your business. Write up a blurb on your background history and also include a downloadable PDF of your press kit containing your M.O.

2) Careers

Do you have any open positions within your company? Skip Craigslist and LinkedIn (for now) and put them up on your website first! Interested individuals who want to work within your company will try to go directly to the source before visiting a job posting site so they can get a leg up on the position requirements and salary expectations to see if they are qualified. Be sure to keep this page regularly updated- if not you’ll still receive resumes for positions that have been filled some time ago.

3) Company Blog

Just as the pictures give you an insider’s look into the company team members, hear what they have to say via a blog post. Company blogs are rapidly becoming one of the biggest absolute musts for any strong business site as they provide information about upcoming products, promotions, and tips for their readers. It’s also one of the biggest areas of the site where you can be creative and write in a more conversational, shorter tone. Keep your blog updated as often as possible and remember to use quality information in posting instead of filler just for the sake of blogging.

4) Contact Us

Where in the world are you located? Do you have more questions or concerns? Interested in signing up with a newsletter? Here’s the place to provide all of that information and more with just a click of the mouse on “submit.” Contact us pages usually offer built in templates for you to submit your message to an administrator who will get back to your question shortly. They also make a great place to submit any comments you may have for the company, from compliments to ideas for blog posts.

5) Press Features

Show off where you’ve been mentioned in the press here! Press features allow you to post links to buzzworthy articles in the news that you or your company may have been featured in. You can also include embedded videos from YouTube, podcasts, and awards that you’ve won here too. Your business is one to be proud of so show it off to the world!