The 101 on How to Buy Insurance Online During the Holidays

Knowing how to choose your insurance policy online is the key to obtaining good quality insurance coverage.  Insurance websites regularly provide insurance quotes for home and automobiles, pets, trip cancellation and travel medical insurance with many additional specialty insurance products included. Most online insurance websites do not sell insurance though, and often they will take your information and sell it to insurance agents to contact you and offer you a quote based on what you told the online insurance website. In those instances where you are truly able to obtain a quote and buy instant insurance coverage, the insurance agency relies more on the technology and less on the customer service.  The best way to look for insurance online is to understand who the online agency is offline (you can find out what they offer and more in the About Us or FAQ section).

Here’s what you need to insure for the holiday season:

  • If travelling make sure you obtain trip cancellation and travel medical insurance for any unforeseen weather, health or logistical travel plan issues
  • For all those gifts, such as smart phones, iPhones, iPads and tablets, purchase separate insurance for theft and damage which most warranties do not cover.
  • If you are hosting a party at a hall, community center , city park or rented location may need to and should  obtain a one day special event insurance policy to protect against bodily injury or property damage caused by you or one of your guests.
  • Kiosk and concessionaire insurance coverage should be obtained and usually required if you are selling holiday gifts or other items at a temporary location.

See if an insurance company can offer you a pre-determined insurance product that is already user friendly and financially sound with the ability to handle claims. Anything other than that is usually just a website that makes money by selling your information.  Live chat on the insurance site to find out how long they have been selling insurance, if you working with a licensed individual, and what state they are licensed in.  And most importantly embrace the online insurance experience! Be sure you know where your information is going and who will ultimately be working on your behalf to provide you with the most comprehensive and honest assessment that meets your specific insurance needs. is the first online insurance E superstore that allows you to receive a third set of eyes and an expert opinion.  After all it is our job as insurance brokers first and leaders of technology second. We understand that you want your insurance on your time, not ours, so we have tried to include products that meet our standards in areas such as underwriting, ease of obtaining coverage, pricing and claims handling ability and can be quoted, issued and paid for with a credit card all online when you need it. We are excited about offering the broadest array of insurance products within one platform and multiple participating insurance carriers. If you have any questions on how to protect yourself this holiday season or as you need it, please look up the team at

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