As the holiday season approaches, what better way than to start getting your spending budget in line than my looking into small ways to help save big money? From travelling expenses to even seeing some of the biggest holiday blockbusters, our awesome affiliates of the day,, have the necessary tips you need to save in spades this year.

While the politicians fight amongst themselves about how to help get everyone out of the current economic crisis, we all need to do what we can to save where we can. Here are our tips:


SOLUTION: By utilizing your online banking services to pay your monthly bills you can save close to $50 per year. This eliminates the cost of postage, check reorder fees, and/or additional charges for paying by phone.




SOLUTION: Comparison shopping on travel websites for transportation and accommodations can immediately save hundreds of dollars on just one trip. Take your travel savings even further by comparing rates for hotels and rental cars; then applying promotional codes for additional savings. When you get to the checkout page of a travel site, don’t skip over the little box that says “Enter Promotional Code.” Visit us to find codes to really maximize your savings.

POTENTIAL SAVINGS: $300 per trip






SOLUTION: As a nation we all go to the movies about eight times per year, which can cost a family of four around $60 a pop! By renting movies at a lower cost, families can save approximately $480 annually. And you can save even more by finding codes for services like Netflix at

POTENTIAL SAVINGS: $480 per year

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