Sleep. Just the word is fabulous, right? Despite our love for sleep, it seems to be the norm that most adults don’t get enough sleep. Sure, we can all pull the occasional all nighter, but running on three to four hours of sleep night after night will definitely start to take its toll. So what can you do about it? Believe us, we know that there are not enough hours in the day. We wish we had more time to sleep! Unfortunately, taking a quick catnap under your desk probably isn’t an option. Next time you feel the urge to doze, nod off or “rest your eyes” at the office, keep these helpful hints in mind.

Eat small nutritious meals

Yes, you have heard this before. Eating small meals throughout the day is not only a good tool for weight loss. By nourishing your body periodically during the day, you are also nourishing your mind, thus keeping yourself alert. The common cure for the mid afternoon lull is usually a choice between a snack and caffeine. Instead of boosting your body once a day, consider feeding it gradually. This way, you will avoid the dreaded 3pm crash and you may even lose a few pounds!

Avoid too much sugar or caffeine

We here at MyCorp love our coffee, so don’t sound the alarm quite yet. Remember, too much of anything can be a bad thing. Yes, coffee in the morning is vital to the vast majority of adults. However before reaching for your third or forth cup, or your second soda take a second to pause. Sugar and caffeine will give you a boost, but only for a short while, after which you will crash. This creates a caffeine roller coaster. Get off that ride! Consider instead, as mentioned above, eating smaller meals or snacks such as almonds and celery. Also, try drinking additional water. Although it does not have caffeine, water is vital to healthy brain function and it will give you a boost!

Get your walk on!

We all know the benefits of exercise. Many forget the benefits of taking a simple stroll. Set out a chunk of time each day, maybe 10-15 minutes, to walk around your office building or outside. Standing up and moving around will get the blood flowing in your body, increasing both your circulation and body functions. When you start to feel yourself doze off, stand up! Walk off that tired feeling and prepare yourself for a productive end of the day.

Love thy neighbor.

Love thy neighbor, in our opinion, simply means strike up a short conversation with your co-workers. Take a few minutes to look away from you work and take your brain out of the office. What is Sarah cooking for dinner? Do John’s kids have soccer tonight?  Breaking the monotony of the day by engaging a different part of your brain through conversation will help you to snap out of the funk. Who knows, you may learn something new, make a new friend or establish a better relationship with your coworkers. Loving thy neighbor is clearly a win win!

There you have it. Now you are prepared to fight your afternoon nemeses. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy a day full of productivity!