The holidays are currently in full swing. If you haven’t already, it’s time to break out your tacky Christmas sweater, wrap your presents and start brewing the wassail. We know that many of you have probably already attended a work holiday party, but many parties can often extend well over into the New Year. For those of you with last minute holiday parties to attend, we have a few “what to do’s” for you to keep in mind.

What to Wear
Ah yes, the age-old question. What should I wear? Our first tip: if you have any doubt about wearing it, don’t. Of course you want to break out your festivus spirit during the holidays but keep in mind you are still at the office. Even if you have an off-site party, this is still a work function. Leave the short dresses, ripped or dirty jeans and the low dipping tops at home. And remember to step it up a notch from your normal dress routine! Shine your shoes or put on a dress. Use this time to put your most stylish holiday foot forward!

What to Bring
Beware of the dreaded fruitcake! OK, we kid. Consider bringing a bottle of wine or even an appetizer to your holiday party. If your party is catered or at a restaurant, skip the appetizer in favor of a bottle of wine for your boss as a thank you for hosting the event. If the party is less formal, for example, actually at the office, bringing in food is a great idea. When deciding what to bring think about the time of year and what is in season. A cheese plate with local cheeses, meatballs with different dipping sauces or mini cornbread muffins are all crowd pleasers. If you can’t decide, ask someone at your local grocer or look online at holiday party blogs for inspiration.

What to Discuss
Holidays in the office are definitely a departure from the everyday grind water cooler chat. Still, there are certain topics that should be off limits. Politics, for example, can easily cause tension. Religion is usually also a no-no. Also, even though it is a work party, take this time to talk to your colleagues about something other than the office. Ask about their families or holiday plans. Get to know your colleagues outside of the office. Who knows, you may share similar hobbies or find yourself a new tennis doubles buddy! Bottom line: keep the conversation fun, festive and far from tension causing topics.

Even though the holidays are winding down, there is still plenty of festive fun to be had. If you are a last minute partygoer, keep the above what to do’s in mind. We here at MyCorp hope you and your family enjoy the rest of the holiday season!