Meet MyCorpVault, the first-of-its-kind cloud-based document storage system launched exclusively by MyCorporation! Whether you’re a CEO on the go and need all of your documents available to access at all times or a small business owner worried that your computer might crash and you’ll lose all of your hard work, MyCorpVault ensures all of your business documents can be accessed from one place with an easy to use interface.

Created with entrepreneurs and small business owners in mind, MyCorpVault works to ensure that you never misplace another document again and that all documents, both prior and current, stored online are stored there safely. Document folders and labeling features make organization in the Vault easy with password protection available on all documents, and regular backup and auto archiving features available in the event any records are accidentally deleted.

Sneak peek inside of the MyCorpVault!

When filing corporate paperwork with MyCorporation, all documents will be uploaded directly to MyCorpVault along with any additional information of the business owners’ choice, including minutes, updated bylaws, corporate records, and accounting spreadsheets. The cloud-based network allows users to securely access their business documents at any time and ensures that their records will be safe in the event of hard drive issues or computer failure. All further incorporation and business filing documentation completed with MyCorporation will be automatically added and synced to the account as well.

Keep your peace of mind when it comes to storing important business documents and records! To get started, visit the MyCorpVault today or check us out at our MyCorporation home page!