Decorating for the holidays is not something MyCorporation takes lightly! Last winter, The Magical Month of MyCorp was established, where each day of December included a festive activity for the office to partake in. One day we’d have a cookie exchange, the next we’d all be trying our luck at the lottery with Scratch-offs for everyone in the office, and another day our CEO Deborah would head out and pick up Starbucks for everyone to beat that 2:30 feeling back with.

This year, the Magical Month of MyCorp is back in action and the activity of decorating the office has turned into pure winter wonderland mayhem. In fact, the office has been so gung-ho about decorating that it became a contest between the departments.

Here are MyCorp’s proud victors:

The billing department’s “Overload Winter Wonderland” featured a larger-than-life snow globe that won MyCorp’s Best and Most Shocking award.

Cutest & Best Use of Lights went to “Candy Cane Lane” AKA Deb, Dana, and Talia’s offices.

Carri, Veronica, Laura, and Kristin win the Tackiest award with “Christmas Eleganza, Serving Tacky Realness.”

A glimpse at Danny, Corrine, and Scott’s “Mistleglow” decorations that included yards and yards of lighting, the winners of Most Likely To Catch On Fire.

“I brought my menorah, happy?” Who else but our very own affiliate manager Cindi would win Most Traditional!

And rounding out the winter wonderland were sales duo Geraldo and Tracy’s “MyCold Christmas” landing the award of Most Consistent Theme.

And then, of course, every office needs a few Grinches. The MyCorp Tech Team with their “Bah Humbug!” office. Lavish, isn’t it?

Take a tour around the office by watching our holiday video!

Happy holidays!

The MyCorp team