We have A LOT to be thankful here over at MyCorp – it has been an awesome year, and it has been an absolute blast helping small business owners turn their dreams into an actual business. While we could go on and on and on listing all the people and groups we want to say thank you to, that wouldn’t make a very interesting blog post. Instead, we’ve narrowed the list down to our top five.

Our Team

What can we say about the MyCorp team that hasn’t been said time and time again? Enthusiasm, teamwork, and an unwavering dedication to our customers – team MyCorp is one of the main reasons we love coming into work everyday. So a big thank you to everyone, from sales to management to design to IT, for being a part of MyCorporation.com!

Our New Website

Speaking of team members, we have to give a special shout-out to Garret Bever, our in-house graphic designer and webmaster, for working so hard on our new website. MyCorp was due for a facelift, and he did an amazing job at making the transition from old to new as painless and easy as possible. People have had only good things to say about our new look, and that’s largely thanks to Garret’s hard work.

Our Affiliates

MyCorp has developed quite the network of affiliates, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with so many great people. Without our affiliates MyCorp would be nowhere near as successful as we have been, and we are honored to provide document filing services for your clients and customers. And, of course, a big thank you goes out to our affiliate manager, Cynthia Sokoloff, for acting as the face and voice of MyCorp’s affiliate program.

Our Customers

Where would we be without our customers? Without all of you, there is no MyCorp. We try and go above and beyond to provide you with the level of service you deserve, and in return you’ve allowed us to help you get your business started right. So thank you, a million times over, for making this year so wonderful. Hearing all of your stories of success, especially in the face of a poor economy, has made all of our work mean something truly extraordinary.

Small Businesses Everywhere

Politicians always say that small businesses are what drive the American economy – happily, this platitude is true. According to the SBA, small businesses experienced a positive growth during the third quarter of this year, with fewer bankruptcies and more hires. Small businesses are truly leading the way out of this recession, and we cannot begin to tell you how proud we are to have helped so many of those businesses when they were just starting out.

So thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for making 2012 a great year for MyCorporation. We hope everyone has a nice, relaxing holiday, and wish you all the best of luck in the New Year.