Ok maybe you saw this coming, maybe you had ‘M’ all figured out way back at “E is for Entrepreneur,” but can you blame us? Having pride in your small business is a good thing. And wanting to share a little bit about your business in order to educate and entertain your customers is also a good thing.

So let me take you back to when (‘M’ is for) MyCorp started to become what it is today. Deborah came onto the team in 2004 not by hopping on board as the CEO, but as vice president of legal and business affairs. Not until 2009 did Deb purchase the devision, becoming the CEO of MyCorporation.

Today, MyCorporation is known as a leading provider of online document filing services for clients who wish to form a corporation or limited liability company.

But that’s not all we file! MyCorp helps small businesses to: file Corporations, LLCs, DBAs (Doing Business As), Amendments, Corporate Compliance, Dissolutions, Foreign Qualifications, Reinstatements. We also obtain Certificates of Good Standings and Certified Copies of Articles for your company. We offer corporate supplies such as Leather Binders, embossers/seals, stock and member certificates, and customized Operating Agreements / Minutes and Bylaws.

For over ten years, we have happily helped small business clients and real estate investors incorporate their businesses in a reliable and affordable manner, and have loved every second of it. We’re in the business of small businesses and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.