Vintage Iron GarageHere at MyCorp, we love profiling small businesses that have incorporated with us and we’re excited to introduce you to the founders of Vintage Iron Garage LLC, Jesse Vaughan and Ken Brown, on our blog!

Jesse and Ken are factory Mercedes-Benz trained technicians that completed their apprenticeship under one of the top 30 Master Guild Mercedes-Benz technicians in the country. This created an unprecedented foundation built on doing work with a high level of quality, service and attention to detail that few ever reach. They took those core values, combined them with their vast and ever expanding knowledge base and skill level and adapted them into the classic/vintage car industry. Both were born with a huge love of classic cars and were involved with building one-of-a-kind custom cars since they were big enough to hold a wrench!

Vintage Iron Garage strives to educate the public on the value, and equally important, fun aspects of vintage automotive ownership. Classic cars aren’t just utilitarian modes of transportation, but are members of the family to which a lifestyle is often born. Their business works with the customer step by step to ensure everything they need is provided for a completely positive experience.

Check out what Jesse and Ken have to say about the challenges of running a small business, their most popular services, and why they have the best customers anyone could ever have below!

“We provide a one stop solution for any and all vintage automotive needs or desires. Our services range from simple repairs up to full custom order and spec built classics while covering everything in between. With our extensive knowledge and experience of automotive technology, a complete understanding of vehicle systems and our core competencies we can custom build or retrofit anything a customer can dream of. We have a saying “If you can dream of it, we can build it!”

One of our most popular services is classic car modernization. Vehicles today are viewed as utilitarian modes of transportation to get from one place to another. People find new cars to be bland and boring with no individuality when compared to cars of yesterday. However newer cars are safe, reliable and efficient comparatively. So many love the looks, style and individuality of a vintage car but want the performance, comfort and reliability of a new car. At VIG we pride ourselves on being able to provide both! We are able to fit vintage cars with modern technology resulting in a marriage of old and new that satisfies both appeal and utility. We can master plan and execute a build that seamlessly combines the soul of a classic with the safety, reliability, efficiency and peace of mind of a brand new car. In our quest to help educate people we provide advice, answer lots of questions and assist in the building of the right car for what their intended use it to be. We provide guidance and insight for anyone that needs it.

Small business startup comes with so many challenges; it’s hard to begin to sum them up.  In our case two factors have resulted in overcoming a lot of challenges:

1) Having a great business partner.

There is so much to do in a new business it’s hard to see how it can be done alone. A startup business is very hard, so keeping morale up is a huge component to success. Helping each other through hard times, staying focused and helping to motivate each other has been crucial.

2) Stay the course!

Stay focused, on track to your vision and true to your basic business principles. Don’t be afraid to fail or make adjustments as needed but stay on the overall course. In this age of instant gratification and perceived overnight successes, it can be hard to stay the course and persevere through hard times in order to achieve success and staying power in an industry.

We have started a business from scratch and have set a solid and well thought out foundation to build upon. We have a loyal and growing customer base that is seeking us out due to the high level of service that we provide. In receiving all of our work by word of mouth recommendations, we are beginning to be recognized as a well-liked and trusted resource on all aspects of vintage automobiles. We will continue to foster and grow the relationships we have formed and continually grow our business.

We feel we have the best customers a business could have.  Whether they are on a tight budget or are building their dream car they all have the love and passion for classic cars that we do as well.  It has resulted the building of great community hub where friends are made and customers come by the shop just to say hi, and hang out for a while.”

Find out more about Vintage Iron Garage by visiting their website and connect with them on Twitter @vintage_iron and on Instagram @vintageirongarage.