Bloggers That Inspire You — Experts Weigh In

With the internet at our fingertips, we always have a wealth of knowledge available to us. In fact, we have so much information available to us, it can feel overwhelming. There’s so much to learn about! So much to click on! That’s why it’s handy to have a few go-to blogs to browse through regularly. A good blogger will guide you through a topic you’re interested in in an interesting and efficient manner.

We asked our small business experts which blogs they go to when they’re in need of inspiration. Here’s what they had to say…

1. “One of the bloggers that has inspired me is Pat Flynn from ‘Smart Passive Income.’ He does a great job of providing valuable content and I have used his advice to create a full time income for myself.” –Chris Seiter, Relationship Consultant, Ex-Boyfriend Recovery 

2. “A blog that I absolutely love is Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Nonconformity. Chris openly shares his thoughts, struggles, and experiences regarding his everyday life and traveling the world. He also features exciting profiles of other adventurous people who are committed to living remarkable, unconventional lives. Every time I need a boost of inspiration or I’m feeling down or uncertain, I check out The Art of Nonconformity.” –Jake Heilbrunn, True Path Publishing

3. “The blog I look to for inspiration would be This blog literally teaches me how to live life efficiently and get the best out of myself. It has so many useful tips for self-development, productivity, relationships, career and many more.” –Ajao Boluwatife,

4. “A blog that I find inspirational is World of Wanderlust. The blogger, Brooke, is a solo traveler who writes about her adventures across the globe, and I love getting ideas for my next trip. While I have my own running list of countries to visit, it’s always fun to add to the list!” –Antonella Pisani, Official Coupon

5. “J Money of and inspires me. is a curated site that posts J’s 3 favorite finance-related articles on the web, 3 times per week. The articles are always an insightful read. I use it as my go-to source for keeping up with the best of other financial bloggers. is J’s personal blog, and it’s just infused with humor and fun related to money. I mean – how could it not be fun when the author sports a mohawk and listens to gangsta-rap in between updating his budget spreadsheet and writing another post?!” –Chad Carson,

6. “My favorite blog is Quick Sprout by Neil Patel. Neil is a leading figure in online marketing, and he publishes daily insights to help online businesses with search engine optimization, social media publishing, and customer engagement. His quality content and passion for online marketing inspire me to grow my online career coaching business.” –Kelvin Jiang, CFA, Buyside Focus

7. “Working for a tech startup requires me to continuously think outside the box, wear lots of hats and rise to many challenges. I start everyday with Seth Godin’s Blog for inspiration, gut checks and sometimes even a wakeup call. It’s a great read because it’s a short, thought provoking and always gets my creative juices flowing.” –Jen Seitz, Boatsetter

8. “I am a manager at Marquis Gardens. One of my duties is managing the eCommerce side of the Marquis Gardens business. Despite experience in retail, digital marketing and SEO aren’t my specialty. So now I am familiarizing myself with that industry. To my surprise, the topic is very controversial, and to find quality and reliable information is difficult. 

This is the reason why I stick to just a couple top SEO blog: (especially White Board Fridays) – Moz is often 
referred to as an SEO empire. Their content is always in depth, but still 

Https:// – with its author Brian Dean, is probably the best one to go to for back-linking tips. – has tons of very visual information. Their Guide to SEO (12 chapters) is amazing. 

Those are the blogs I start my day with.” –Ostap Bosak, Marquis Gardens

9. “My favorite blog to read has got to be Ben Schlappig’s One Mile at a Time. One of the best ways to improve articles is to read other blogs, and I find Lucky’s blog to be excellently written and engaging. I also appreciate his efforts to fly to and explore different cities around the world with various airlines and hotels. Moreover, my company has helped traveling professionals move into major US cities, so it’s awesome to read about the experiences of a person who often has to travel to earn a living.” –Noel McCann, HomeSuite

10. “The blog that I go to every morning is Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn. 

I am a full-time blogger and have been a fan of Pat’s blog for 2 years. Every morning, as a ritual, I visit his blog and his podcast, where he shares his expertise and answers questions by aspiring and professional bloggers. It’s inspiring to hear about other people’s journey, their struggles, their wins and Pats ideas on how to make things even better. He has a daily podcast called ‘Ask Pat’ and he ends it with an inspirational quote.” –Sumit Bansal, Productivity Spot

11. “As an aspiring marketing professional, I feel as though I should always keep abreast of what’s going on in the industry, and I haven’t seen anything more helpful than the blog of Mari Smith. Mari provides literally the most relevant first-hand experience which is super practical, and some of her techniques and tips can be applied right away, making myself a more competitive specialist compared to my fellow marketers. In addition, I cannot but admire her as a strong, successful and charming woman who makes you believe that you can make it too.” –Anastasia Melet, Animatron

12. “As an affiliate marketer and blogger with a successful site aimed at ecommerce website owners, I am continually reading blogs to keep up on current news and tech developments in the web hosting industry as well as general news and information. There are two blogs I read every time they are updated: 

1) Web Hosting Secrets Revealed / Jerry Low

This blog is packed with industry-related posts. It inspires me to continually tweak the direction of my blog, www.bitcatchacom/blog/. 

2) Groove HQ / Alex Turnbull

In his blog, Alex shares his experiences from his startup journey. It’s inspiring to read how he overcomes obstacles and how he manages his company.” –Daren Low,

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