Six Bugs Fell From the MyCorporation Ceiling... What Happens Next you Won't Believe!!

On Monday, November 21, 2016, at approximately 2:30 PM PST, six bugs fell from the MyCorporation ceiling, and everything changed.

It all started when an employee spotted a few big bugs (first thought to be “giant ants”) crawling around her workspace. News spread like wildfire and within a matter of minutes numerous employees were getting out of their seats to search for more bugs- some even getting on all fours to investigate under desks and filing cabinets. After a few minutes of fervent investigation,   approximately two more “ants” were found… but this time… on desks, not on the ground. The conclusion was drawn that the bugs (could it be??) must be falling from the ceiling. Chaos ensued. 

Long hair was hurriedly swept up into buns and ponytails, hats were retrieved from cars, hoods were thrown on. There was no precautionary measure too large.

“It was literally raining bugs, they were just lounging on the desks, making themselves at home. Honorary MyCorp employees,” said Alyssa Reilly, who works in Customer Service.

Worried murmurs could be heard throughout the MyCorporation office. “I feel itchy.” “Do you think we’ll close tomorrow?” “Are we sure they’re ants?”

We weren’t sure.

By this time, two more bugs had been discovered, and they were engaging in what can only be described as a vile big bug mating ritual. The employees were scandalized. Fortunately, there was a small group of employees heroes who stepped up to the plate and really took it upon themselves to dig a little deeper and find out what in God’s name was going on. After relentlessly Googling and YouTubing various insect mating imagery and videos, they came to the conclusion that these “ants” may indeed be termites. They were mating like they were, anyway.

One MyCorporation employee left the scene feeling disturbed, only to return for what matters most.

“I left five minutes early (clocked in early that day, don’t trip) because I felt itchy,” said Heather Taylor, Social Media Associate. “So I left but then I came back because I realized my favorite plush toys (the Pillsbury Doughboy and Charlie the Tuna) were still on my desk. I didn’t want them to be there in case we fumigated.”

“Also, I’m 29,” she added.

It’s been two days since the incident. Since then, there have been no more big bug sightings.

Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation CEO, had this to say:

“Honestly, we’re focusing on rebuilding right now. I’m just thankful nobody was hurt.”