Summer is here, and with this wonderful, warm season teens descend upon all kinds of businesses, flush with extra cash and time to kill. Teenagers make great customers for businesses, but when they can’t always get what they want, trouble can easily start. So how do you deal with angry teenage customers without losing your cool? Our guest poster Andrew Schrage, co-owner of Money Crashers Personal Finance, stepped in today to give us tips on how to keep calm and carry on with your youthful summertime customer base.

When dealing with an irritated teen customer, you have to first remain calm. This can be difficult, but it’s important to keep your cool to prevent the situation from escalating.

Next, identify the problem. This can also be a challenge, especially if the teenager is more intent on causing a scene than actually having a problem resolved. However, you must do your best to calm the person down. Explain that you’re there to help, and that no one is trying to rip them off. Far too many consumers think the odds are stacked against them when registering a complaint with a business. Any savvy business owner knows that excellent customer service is a cornerstone to the success of their business, and dealing with unhappy consumers can definitely put your resolve to the test.

Once you understand the problem, work toward finding a quick and satisfactory solution that satisfies both sides. Teenagers just want to be heard, and aren’t necessarily looking for any monetary compensation. If they are, and their complaint is at least somewhat legitimate, consider offering them a refund or store credit. By taking an initial loss, you may earn yourself a repeat customer.

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