Happy New Year! 2014 was an awesome year full of growth and renewal here at MyCorp. It was also the best year our blog has ever had! And that’s largely thanks to the slew of guest-posters and small business experts who have been kind enough to contribute. While we could spend hours going over our favorite posts of 2014, we thought our time might be better spent highlighting some of the top posts from this last year.Top Posts of 2014

The Most Viewed – “3 Keys to Crafting the Perfect Logo”

Numbers are really important to a lot of bloggers – so much so that they sometimes sacrifice the quality of their content to bring more people over to the blog. Thankfully, our most viewed post is also full of great information, and is easily one of our favorites from the year. John Williams, the CEO of LogoGarden, wrote the ‘3 Keys to Crafting the Perfect Logo’ back in July, and his straight-forward advice obviously struck a chord with our readers.

The Most Comments – “Experts Weigh In: My Luckiest Moment as an Entrepreneur”

Our ‘Experts Weigh In’ series was wildly successful, but it seems that the reader favorite came when we asked our experts what their luckiest moment as an entrepreneur was. Forty-five entrepreneurs answered, and we got stories that ranged from deals being signed at zoos to creating diets for celebrities.

The Most Fun – “Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks”

Believe it or not, pulling office pranks is a time-honored tradition here at MyCorp. But we wanted to know what other offices did, and the answers we got were absolutely amazing. People get really creative when it comes to tricking the office, and we could only imagine the chaos that some of these pranks caused. We weren’t the only ones to enjoy these stories either, as it this also one of our most liked posts on Facebook!

The Most Informative – “2015 Small Business Industry Predictions: An Infographic”

This was a hard one to pick! We try to write and publish posts that are always informative. We want our posts to be enjoyable to read, but we also try to teach our readers a little bit about running a small business. But our most informative, and probably well-researched, piece was one written near the end of the year – our 2015 small business industry predictions infographic. Some of the most common questions we get asked are about how well certain industries are doing, and whether or not it’s worth starting a small business in them. And while we can’t answer that with any certainty, our infographic did a great job in informing and educating our readers as to what industries may be poised for growth this year.

Finally, we at MyCorporation want to say thank you to all of our contributors, customers, and readers for making 2014 such an awesome year. We love this industry, our clients, our partners, and our readers. Without all of you, 2014 could never been have been the wild success it was. Here’s to making 2015 even better!

Once again, Happy New Year!